Landscape with lake, stony shore and silhouette of a tree.

The transnational SavingScapes consortium consists of ten partners: four universities, one cooperative and five public organisations. University of Eastern Finland is leading the consortium. Finland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain are representing different types of land use traditions and practices in the European context. The geographical circumstances in different parts of Europe (North, Center and South) and different kind of socio-cultural contexts can offer a prolific base for the planned cooperation. The findings and results of the cooperation will be disseminated to be applicable in European landscapes more broadly.

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Partners in Finland

University of Eastern Finland
Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

Regional Council of North Karelia

Snowchange cooperative

Partners in Italy

IUAV University of Architecture in Venice

Po Delta Park in Veneto

Partners in Spain

University of Girona
Department of Geography

Council of Girona

The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Partners in the Netherlands

Wageningen University


Integriteit bij aanbesteden

The Province of Gelderland